Backline Info




10 input mixing board with 8 XLR and 2 line inputs. Reverb and delay

can be added to vocals from the board.


Mics (SM57/58), stands (straight and boom) and cables (XLR, instrument

and speaker cables), PA and one stage monitor.


Ampeg bass head with 4X10 cab.


Fender Hot Rod Deville 60 watt combo amp for guitar.

Basic drum kit (Floor tom, rack tom, bass drum, hi-hat stand *missing clutch and stuck in highest position*, ride and crash stand, throne) which bands provide breakables for (kick pedal, snare, cymbals, felts, clutch).

NOTE: This drum kit isn't great, some parts like the throne and hi-hat can't be adjusted. If you are concerned about a part of the kit working well, I recommend you bring your own.

Projector with HDMI input.

DVD player.