Nobodies Talking Shit: MASC4MASC

You ready to blast those pecs, bro? Lets talk about sports, beer, cars, locker rooms, hunting, wrestling, being a total dom top, and all the other ways that the patriarchy instills a crippling fear in the populace in order to breed uniformity and obedience. No fats no fems.

9:00pm: Meet 'n' greet 'n' drink 'n' eat
9:30pm: Watch the show god dammit
10:30pm: Intermissionary position
Midnight: We're done but you can do whatever

Happy Hour 5-9pm... $1 off everything
$5 Rolling Rock and a Shot- All Night
$6 Arepas and Nachos- ALL NIGHT
Come for the food, stay for the shit show.

***NO COVER***
(Don Pedro is wheelchair accessible and restrooms are gender neutral.)