Nobodies Talking Shit: DRAG RACE SEASON 8 RUVEAL

Congratulations, NNN Honors! In a season packed to the brim with contenders for the crown, you've earned yourself the title of "Most Vapid Award Show!" The Nobodies will be on hand to provide metacommentary on this brazen display of soulless buffoonery. The show starts promptly at 10pm, with the RuVeal happening some time before 11. Shows and other idiocy to follow.

9:00pm: Meet 'n' greet 'n' drink 'n' eat
9:30pm: Watch the show god dammit
10:30pm: Intermissionary position
Midnight: We're done but you can do whatever

Happy Hour 5-9pm... $1 off everything
$5 Rolling Rock and a Shot- All Night
$6 Arepas and Nachos- ALL NIGHT
Come for the food, stay for the shit show.

***NO COVER***