Maybe the Welders /// Lex Loser /// Williams


I am a mixed-media performance artist, nonfiction essayist, and poet. I explore the complexities of oppression, hurt, hopelessness, paranoia, emptiness, depression, and anxiety in contemporary society and my primary emphases are on whiteness, rape culture, and capitalism. I have made two albums (Control and Ocean) and two EPs (Fuck and I Go to Work to be Reminded I'm Shit). I am also working on a bunch of poetry books and a nonfiction essay book called On.


"For undoubtedly Lex Loser embodies Dave Thomas's definition of rock n roll as "moving big amps from one part of town to the other." Even if, for them in their ‘fallen’ state, the "town" is neither Cleveland nor Spokane nor New York, but rather a Lovecraftian netherworld of slithering troglodytes, psychotic aliens, and marginally discounted well-drinks. 
Nevertheless, someone has to work there. Something has to be on the jukebox. Lex Loser hefts the burden."
-Josh Lee Hooker
Dirty garage rock: now a trio. With Rev and Nina continuing on guitar and keyboards, respectively, they have split drum duties and are now joined by Kevin Phillips on bass with a slew of new material that will be soon released on vinyl!

"Greg and Declan scramble out into the audience, roll around on the floor, and howl about subjects like making babies." "Greg's voice, guitar, and songwriting style sound a little like a cross between David Byrne of Talking Heads days and Eddie Argos of Art Brut." Charlotte Deaver - Bolts of Melody
"Some people correct me and say there is no more rock 'n' roll, it's just 'rock,' but I feel we have more in common with early rock 'n' roll than with classic rock. We have a similar attitude to that of the early punks. Plus, at a show, we dance around, the audience dances around, and it's loud. So that's rock 'n' roll." Greg Campbell