Wargarble at Don Pedro

Come to Don Pedro's for beer, nachos, and Wargarble. We'll be adding a few more acts to the bill before the 24th comes around.

If you get there before 7:00 PM, Don Pedro has $2 Americas... err, I mean Budweisers.

About Wargarble:

"Actually enjoyable..."
- Jen Baldwin

"Legitimately pretty good..."
- Dan Suter

Wargarble is a part-Canadian grunge-funk band from Brooklyn. Their debut EP Discipline is available on They've been funkakke-ing crowds since 2014, occasionally featuring a guy in a dinosaur suit.

When asked to describe their sound, lead singer, guitar player, harmonicassist, tromboner, and guy in dinosaur suit Will Benedict often says "It's the sound a dog makes when yelling into a sprinkler."