Master Control presents Bands on Air! Feat. Dizzy Juice/Steady Sun/Kings & Queens/The Jen Houston Band - Opening set by Samantha Echo

The Bands On Air team is honored to be welcomed at Don Pedro in BK for a Phabulous dose of Phriday Pheeden. 

Bands On Air is presented across North America & various parallel/quantum worm-holes by Master Control Radio.


Kings & Queens 

Steady Sun

Dizzy Juice

Jen Houston Band

Samantha Echo

Collaborators & Friends:
Mile High Underground (Special thanks to DJ Rado)

The Cape Radio

The Rew & WHO? Show

Music First Podcast w/ DJ Dave Swiskey

Karena Reiter -- of The Prima Donna Reeds and recurring co-host on REW & WHO?

Master Control
SPUD! Brooklyn
Oilcan Press

8$ advance, 8 PM. Hail.