Satan's God/ Clean Girls/ Chain Gang Grave/ Garrigan/Viele +

Satan's God - timeless VHS-only dementia from the infamous Igor Von De Heilichtson III in a very rare live setting...forbidden in all zones..

Clean Girls - "...Clean Girls does it the right way: with complete abandon, happy to ride the worthless wave right out to Zone A for the next hurricane to wash it all out to sea." -Doug Mosurock, Still Single

Chain Gang Grave - "...Shambolic and chaotic, wild and unhinged, a sort of bastard blooze, with loose-limbed octopoidal drumming, filthy guitars, howled feral vox, all recorded super hot and in-the-red, lurching from wild almost psychedelic freakouts, to doomy, dirge metal creep.." - aQuarius Records

Tim Garrigan(Dazzling Killmen) w/ Mario Viele

DJ sets by Nassau Coliseum